Gold 2022 Additional Services
Single $1,750.00
Couple $3,099.00

Unlimited Cart

(not available in 2022 )

Silver 20 Pack Cart Rental $280.00
Single $1449.00
Couple $2599.00 *all rates are before taxes
Student $650.00
Junior $450.00

Playing Privileges

Gold Membership Gold play is anytime weekday, weekend and holidays
Silver Membership Silver play is Monday through Friday anytime. Play Weekends after 2:00 PM

Students play Monday through Friday anytime. Play Weekends and Holidays after 2:00 PM. All Students must have a valid ID card. ( 2 day booking window )

Juniors may play from 11:00AM weekdays anytime. Play Weekends and Holidays after 2:00 PM ( 2 day booking window )

Membership Benefits

  • All members may play in club events free of charge.
  • Existing 2021 members referring new members for 2022 ( student and junior memberships not eligible ) are entitled to a $100.00 credit to be used in the Pro Shop or Club House.
  • Members, except students and juniors, are permitted to book 9 days in advance ( 7 days for general public).
  • All memberships include one complementary bucket of range balls per day.

Membership Restrictions

  • Students must have valid student ID from 2021-2022 school year and be enrolled in College/University fulltime.
  • Juniors must be 18 and under as of June 1st, 2022. Junior memberships are FREE with the purchase of Gold or Silver membership by a Parent or Grandparent.
  • Students and Juniors are not permitted to book tee times until two days before the day of their round.

    Prices DO NOT include HST.