Gold 2021 Additional Services
Single $1,675.00
Couple $2,999.00 Unlimited Cart (available in April ) $825.00
Silver 20 Pack Cart Rental $240.00
Single $1399.00
Couple $2450.00 *all rates are before taxes
Student $650.00
FREE with purchase of gold or silver membership by parent or grandparent

Playing Privileges

Gold Membership Gold play is anytime weekday, weekend and holidays
Silver Membership Silver play is Monday through Friday anytime. Play Weekends after 2:00 PM

Students play Monday through Friday anytime. Play Weekends and Holidays after 2:00 PM. All Students must have a valid ID card. ( 2 day booking window )

Juniors may play from 11:00AM weekdays anytime. Play Weekends and Holidays after 2:00 PM ( 2 day booking window )

Membership Benefits

  • All members may play in club events free of charge.
  • Existing 2020 members referring new members for 2021 ( student and junior memberships not eligible ) are entitled to a $100.00 credit to be used in the Pro Shop or Club House.
  • Members, except students and juniors, are permitted to book 9 days in advance ( 7 days for general public).
  • All memberships include one complementary bucket of range balls per day.

Membership Restrictions

  • Students must have valid student ID from 2020-2021 school year and be enrolled in College/University fulltime.
  • Juniors must be 18 and under as of June 1st, 2021. Junior memberships are FREE with the purchase of Gold or Silver membership by a Parent or Grandparent.
  • Students and Juniors are not permitted to book tee times until two days before the day of their round.

    Prices DO NOT include HST.