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Rolling Meadows Niagara Falls Golf Course, established in 1970, is a beautiful, challenging eighteen hole Royal Canadian Golf Association member course.


Rolling Meadows Golf and Country Club features a practice facility second to none which is ideal for honing golf skills and working on all aspects of your game!


We are located in Niagara Falls,With three putting greens and a very large driving range at your disposal you can work on every aspect of your game from driver to wedge.

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Rolling Meadows Golf & Country Club located in Niagara Falls is committed to excellence in serving all Guests, including people with disabilities, and will carry out its functions and responsibilities in a hospitable manner to accommodate such individuals.

Rolling Meadows Golf & Country Club is also dedicated to giving people with disabilities the same opportunity to access our goods and services, and allowing them to benefit from the same services, in the same place, and in a similar way as other customers.

Rolling Meadows Golf & Country Club will strive to ensure that its policies, practices and procedures are consistent with the following core principles as outlined in the AODA.

goods and services are provided in a manner that is respectful to persons with a disability and does not diminish the person’s importance.
Accommodating a person’s disability means respecting their right to do for themselves and to choose the way they wish to receive goods and services.
Wherever possible, services will be provided in a manner that enables people with disabilities to fully benefit from the same services, in the same place and in the same or similar way as other customers. This may require alternative formats and flexible approaches. It means inclusiveness and full participation. This is a fundamental human right.
Equal Opportunity Service is provided to persons with disabilities in a way that their opportunity to access goods and services is equal to that given to others.

Welcome to Rolling Meadows Golf Club
Guidelines and social distancing information
Arrive 15 minutes before your tee time
For members and golfers prepaid on line, please go directly to the first tee and check in with the starter. ( only if you need a cart will you need to check in at the pro shop ** note only one player in the pro shop at one time )
The starter will relay to the pro shop that you are here and on the property
Scorecards and pencils will be handed out by the pro shop or the starter
Please practice social distancing while waiting to tee off ……..and on the golf course
Cart rules……if you live in the same household you may share a cart.....if not in the same household you may share a cart with facemasks required. We do have single carts available if requested for an additional $ 5.00 plus tax per person. This applies to all public players and members. Masks will be provided upon request.
In an attempt to limit touches :
Rakes have been removed from traps
Ball washers are not available
Benches are not available
Avoid touching the cup or the flagstick.
Please leave the premises as soon as your finished playing